GENESIS Controls & Cables

Find out how Genesis can help you design, build and improve your electrical systems. From cables to harnesses to controls and systems, we can do it all.

Genesis Controls & Cables was founded in 1999 to serve the North American cable and harness market. The expertise at Genesis comes from the many years’ experience of designing custom harnesses for military ground vehicles. We understand our customer’s requirements and helping them design and build robust electrical systems directly grew our reputation for outstanding quality and price. Our diverse capabilities, continuous product improvements and investment in training and tooling garnered and help maintain a very loyal customer base. We continue to build on this premise every day.

In 2012, Genesis was wholly purchased by the FPH Group of Companies and we now operate as a division with the same strong team of engineers, technicians and support staff. Our allegiance with FPH lets us leverage a multi-disciplinary group of experts in Hydraulic-Mechanical design and production. Genesis capabilities are now enhanced and expanded as a result.

GENESIS Controls & Cables
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